Thousands still risk their lives and personal savings to make their way to America, still the freest nation on earth and a place that offers an individual the chance to make their own way. The Foundation supports that spirit of independence and personal responsibility that has allowed so many to create value and build exemplary lives.

To that end, the Foundation offers support to programs that encourage strong communities and a strong Nation. In part, strong communities rely on people being self-reliant, having control of their own lives, and being in a position to pursue their dreams. We are interested in the “big ideas” and practical ideas that make a real difference to peoples’ day to day lives.

The Foundation invests in projects that:

  • Have the potential to reinforce and enhance families and communities
  • Build community connectedness, meaning nurturing relationships
  • Enhance understanding of the free enterprise system
  • Preserve the principles upon which this representative Republic was founded
  • Encourage entrepreneurship, innovation and personal responsibility

Our focus is on projects and programs that bring people together and build strong communities.

Funding examples in this area include:

  • Civics Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Principles of Liberty
  • Arts & Culture

Thank you for your interest in the Brian Watson Foundation grants program. We encourage nonprofit organizations whose work aligns with our funding areas and goals to apply for funding.

Our goal is to help nonprofits and organizations achieve a high level of effectiveness and impact. We do not expect to sustain an organization indefinitely, and a grant award should not been seen as any indication of future or recurring funding.

The Foundation receives many more requests than can be funded. We make every effort to be as effective as possible in awarding grants for distribution.