Our Nation has benefited from faith-based organizations.  These entities have a long tradition of doing good work in communities across the country. From helping Americans in need to providing for civic infrastructure, they are an integral part of the fabric of our communities.

Acquiring adequate sources of funding is important for any organization, but it can be especially challenging for faith-based organizations. Many foundations will not fund religious organizations. Not with the Brian Watson Foundation. We believe that, without sufficient resources, faith-based organizations would not be able to provide those they serve with the goods, care and services they may need.  In addition, some of these organizations know their local communities best and can help to identify those in need.

Through support for faith-based initiatives, the Foundation seeks to strengthen faith communities and support them in expanding their capacity to serve their members and their local communities.

Our focus is supporting faith-based organizations in meeting their mission particularly as it relates to providing care for people. The Foundation supports organizations that:

  • Provide spiritual and material assistance
  • Offer Emergency Funds
  • Support Christian education
  • Enrich people’s lives through faith
  • Further the good news

Funding examples in this area

The Foundation is particularly supportive of efforts that enrich the lives of people. We seek opportunities to fund organizations that provide care, comfort, and emergency aid to the sick, the disabled, the homeless in the variety of forms it is needed food, clothing, medicine and spiritual support.

  • Family support groups
  • Youth programs
  • Crisis services

Thank you for your interest in the Brian Watson Foundation grants program. We encourage nonprofit organizations whose work aligns with our funding areas and goals to apply for funding.

Our goal is to help nonprofits and organizations achieve a high level of effectiveness and impact. We do not expect to sustain an organization indefinitely, and a grant award should not been seen as any indication of future or recurring funding.

The Foundation receives many more requests than can be funded. We make every effort to be as effective as possible in awarding grants for distribution.