The Foundation’s mission is purposely broad, allowing it to support the work of many nonprofits that focus on improving the quality of life for individuals and communities. The bulk of the Foundation’s grants are made in the following categories: helping those in need, supporting community and country, and helping faith-based initiatives that serve others.

  • Strategic Giving: offering both “full mission funding”, providing unrestricted operational funding grants, and traditional grant funding for programs and projects
  • Strategic Counsel: offering access to experts who can provide pro bono support (technology, strategic planning, accounting, finance, HR, communications, etc.)

Recognizing that organizational infrastructure is a necessity, the Foundation welcomes requests for general operating support and efforts designed to promote increased organizational capacity. The Foundation also accepts requests for specific programs.

Most of our grants support Colorado nonprofit organizations and programs although we will consider requests from other parts of the Country if they align with our mission.

Within our giving categories, our grants generally provide:

  • General / operating support
  • Program / project support
  • Technical assistance
  • Capital improvements and special projects
  • Matching grants / gift challenges

Office Space:

  • Up to 1,000 sq ft of office space provided
  • Provided for non-profits and entrepreneurs
  • Up to one (1) Year of cost-free rent
  • Submit application online for review

In addition, please note that organizations that have received funding for two consecutive years may be required to take a year off before re-applying.

In general, we look for the following in organizations supported by the Foundation:

  • Alignment with the mission and interests of the Foundation.
  • Clearly presented mission, goals, plans and financials for the organization along with measureable outcomes.
  • A solid plan that shows leadership’s ability to build and sustain an organization to meet its mission and maintain its finances.
  • We prefer that the Foundation fund no more than 10% of an organization’s annual budget.
  • A committed board of who support the organization through their own contribution of time, talent or treasurer.
  • Strong volunteer participation, if appropriate.
  • Community buy-in as evidenced through donations, volunteer engagement, existing partnerships and collaborative efforts.
  • Clear thoughts on how to measure success, and a commitment to continual improvement.
  • Effective and inspired leadership.
  • A willingness to adjust as progress is made, times change and new ideas and approaches come to the forefront. 


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